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- Please make sure you are familiar with the TCGA publication guidelines when using any TCGA data for your research.
- The heatmap files available for download here are prepared to work with Gitools 2.2 (and newer).


Datasets from IntOGen-mutations, which summarize somatic mutations, genes and pathways involved in tumorigenesis (see manuscript). It contains the results of analyzing 4623 tumor exomes from 13 cancer sites to identify cancer drivers.

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TCGA Pancancer12

Integrative analysis of 12 individual TCGA projects. (publications) All heatmaps contain annotations for samples and genes amongst which are the driver information from various methods and subtype/cluster information from the COCA analysis.

Heatmaps: 3

TCGA - individual projects

Data for individual projects used in the pancancer12 study.

Heatmaps: 10