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Subytpes of pancancer12 driver genes

This heatmap is an excerpt from the Pancancer supermatrix. It contains the multidimensional information for driver genes across TCGA pan-cancer tumor samples. The samples are grouped by by COCA subtypes according to Hoadley et al., Cell 2014. Genes from the cancer gene census and detected as high confidence drivers as detected by Tamborero et al. are shown.
Tamborero et al., Scientific Reports 2013
Hoadly et al., Cell. 2014 Aug 14;158(4):929-44. doi: 10.1016/j.cell.2014

File size: 9.56M

Pancancer12 protein expression (RPPA)

This is the complete protein expression data set for the pancancer12 project. The heatmap contains 3500+ samples.

File size: 5.60M

Pancancer12 supermatrix

This is the complete pancancer file with all 5000+ samples and all 22'000+ genes.It contains data for Gene expression, Mutations, Copy number, Methylation.
The matrix file is in the compressed format (400mb) and thus it is recommended to download the file and open from local.

File size: 409.93M