Gitools Heatmaps (

Gitools saves and loads a format with the extension .heatmap or These files contain all the necessary information to recreate the exact state of when the heatmap was saved.

What does the contain?

It is a zip folder that does not need to be unzipped in order to be opened by Gitools. If we assume that you saved a heatmap with Gitools called Thus the will contain:

  • superstudy.heatmap: An xml file contain information about visible rows, columns and as well row and column headeres

  • superstudy-data.tdm.gz: A data file which contains all the data for the heatmap. The extension can vary, depending on how the

    data was loaded.

  • superstudy-columns-annotations.tsv.gz: All the annotation data for the columns, also unused fields.

  • superstudy-rows-annotations.tsv.gz: All the annotation data for the rows, also unused fields.

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